A Letter From Wilson Audio’s New Owner

A Letter From Wilson Audio’s New Owner

A new chapter has begun for Wilson Audio and I am honored to be a part of it as its new owner and operator.

In 1974 (when I was just 1 year old!) Doug Wilson opened his doors and has continued to service the New Orleans area with the highest quality audio equipment.

I am proud of the reputation that Wilson has developed over 43 years in business and I intend to continue his goal of providing quality sounding systems at reasonable prices. The ability to truly Listen to products with a trained ear is the key to selecting the best equipment in the industry.  That is my vision for Wilson Audio…Listening to products and deciding what will be the best fit our customer’s needs.

I understand that to sustain a small business you must stand out.  Wilson Audio prides itself on our vast knowledge and experience in the audio/video industry. Unlike the “big box” stores, we offer the ability to demonstrate equipment and talk about the merits of a product at our store.

I’ve managed Wilson Audio for 4 years now and have learned both the trade and business aspect.  As I look toward the future I am happy that Doug Wilson will still have an active role in the business and continue to guide me.  My hope for Wilson Audio is to achieve growth by increasing our customer base and focusing on a younger cliental.  I want to reach out to this younger generation and educate them on how good their music can really sound!

I will continue to build relationships with all of you and make sure that Wilson Audio remains a New Orleans company that is here to stay.  Thanks for this opportunity.

Doug Morrison