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Digital Rehab, formerly Wilson Audio, specializes in servicing all electronic components, ranging from consumer electronics to specialty circuit boards. Data recovery is offered to most storage devices. Our motto is failure is not an option. The company strives to save your device from the landfill. With much of today’s components having an expected service life set by the companies who make it, we make every attempt within economic reason, to save what is so valuable to you, your data.

We also have been offering, for 50 years, the sales, service and installation of premium Audio and Video components. We provide our clients with everything needed to achieve a quality sounding system, indoors or out. We love to educate our customers so you can make the best decision and have a reason to buy a better sounding product. We believe that Sound Quality is of the utmost importance

Wilson Audio, was founded by Doug Wilson in 1974. Doug had made a career, at an early age, listening to high fidelity products from all over the globe. His “golden ear,” gave way for him to offer the best hand selected products and match them into your listening environment, no matter the obstacles and materials inside the typical home. Carefully listening to his customer’s homes and his product offerings enabled him to spend the next 40 years as the New Orleans area’s premier specialty retail store, customizing every system to his customer’s needs at the budget they wanted. As specialty brick and mortar stores started to shrink their population to large retail outlets, selling average stuff, Wilson Audio continued to supply many homes within a 400 mile radius of the area.
In 2017, Doug Wilson’s protégé, another Doug, Doug Morrison, purchased Wilson Audio to continue Mr. Wilson’s legacy using the same talent he learned working for Doug Wilson. Mr. Morrison also saw another type of business start to disappear, electronic repair. Electronics were also shrinking with these service centers. He decided it was time to expand the service offering to the store. 2023 births a new path. Digital Rehab, home audio and electronic repair, was born. Today Doug Morrison continues to supply his customers with the best musical offerings, custom tailored to his clients, and keeps their investments running. With his specialty tools, he is able to service the tiniest of components. Many parts need to be repaired themselves because of quick obsolescence. 

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