Doug Wilson’s Farewell Letter

Doug Wilson’s Farewell Letter

I’m not really going anywhere, yet this is a NEW BEGINNING for all of us!  I’ll still be working a few days a week at Wilson Audio and am available to talk to, visit with, and advise all of my customers with their audio needs.  However, I have passed on the actual ownership and managerial duties of Wilson Audioto Doug Morrison.  I completely trust that he will carry on my vision and sustain our reputation of providing high quality products at fair prices.  He has the ability (and youth) to make sure that Wilson Audio remains your trusted audio source in New Orleans for many years to come.

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina I met Doug when I visited one of our installation job sites.  I was impressed by his attention to detail, his ability to solve problems, and his work ethic.  I hired him to be our installation manager and soon welcomed him as in-house audio salesmen. He exceeded my expectations and won the trust of our customers.  Doug has been my right hand man for the past 6 years and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather have running my beloved business.  His passion and drive will help to insure Wilson Audio’s continued success!

As for me, of course it is bittersweet to relinquish control and step down from owning a business that’s been like my first-born child for 43 years.  I recognize that all things must come to an end and while I’ll miss the daily grind, I know I will benefit from finally having the time to relax.  I look forward to spending time with my wife, Norma of 44 years.  I hope to attend more of my son, Dana’s music concerts and watch his organization, Crescent Chamber Artists (CCA) succeed.  I want to bike ride more often with my daughter, Emily and I intend to take my grand daughters Elise & Lily to eat sushi as often as they’d like!  I can’t wait to attend all of my grandson, Christopher’s baseball games and continue to challenge him in games of chess.  Yes, I believe that retirement will be good!

Lastly, Thank you to my customers who have become my family. Without your support and friendship this small business would not have survived.  You’ve ridden the audio wave with me and for that I couldn’t be happier.  Please come visit me often and let’s continue to talk audio.

Doug Wilson