Grado Goes Wireless

Grado Goes Wireless

The all new Grado GW100 bluetooth wireless headphones are the product of decades of experience, coupled with modern performance. Grado has made some of the best headphones ever manufactured in the United States, and has finally entered the wireless/bluetooth arena. The GW-100 headphone is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Grado; a well engineered, comfortable headset, that images like a pair of cabinet speakers. The open back design featured on all of Grado’s headphones is the main influence on why these sound so natural. They don’t suffer the same back-loading of low frequencies that most closed back headphones experience. Due to the open back drivers, the listener feels the air push and pull through the ear cup, mimicking a standard set of speakers.

But,… honestly, I could say all of that about any of Grado’s headphones. What sets the GW-100 apart from it’s predecessors is wireless AptX 4.2 bluetooth protocol working in tandem with active (powered) drivers. This is the latest bluetooth protocol, and is a far cry from the transistor sounding earpieces of the early 2000’s. All of this tech under the hood usually makes a pair of headphones fairly heavy due to the battery and compact amplifier being added.

This is the point at which I would really suggest finding a way to try a pair on for yourself.

Until you experience the feel first hand, you won’t understand how comfortable and light weight these are (especially compared to popular similarly priced options). It’s easy to forget your wearing them. An in-person demonstration is the only way to fully appreciate what the GW-100 has to offer. from the ergonomic comfort of the design, to the deep bass and natural sound of the drivers, this may be the best wireless headphone in America. Grado rounds out their kit with a cabled connection for the headset, a charging cable for the 15 hour battery, a microphone for cell tethering, and their signature WS cushions.

Wilson Audio in Metairie Louisiana proudly offers the Grado GW-100 headphones, as well as, tons of personal audio goodies, and would be happy to let you demo them in store today.