Its official, vinyl will not die!

When is the last time someone came to your house, saw your iPod and asked you to play it? Turntables, however, beg to be played. Thankfully, we have seen a resurgence of turntable sales in the last couple of years. And the reasons go far beyond mere nostalgia and aesthetics.

They provide the unique, warmer sound of analog with a greater dynamic range.  Turntables have the ability to present a quite background with very good channel separation and vocal clarity!

Every turntable Wilson Audio offers is an audiophile turntable, from entry level to high-end.

Take note, that setting up your turntable correctly is key to getting the best performance.  Wilson Audio has 50 + years installing and aligning cartridges so please come in for proper service and advice from us.

Also, bear in mind that keeping your records in good shape is important as well. Clean and protect them.

You may also soon discover the massive amount of music out there that has never been converted to digital and is only available on vinyl.

With your iPod, those songs are just files. There’s no physicality, no liner notes to pore over or elaborate artwork to lovingly scrutinize.  Get the Vinyl bug, come in today to see what you might be missing!